About us

Enilso originated in the Sonoran desert, in northern Mexico. We can safely say that we are experts on sun.

We are a clean energy company. We specialize on turnkey photovoltaic systems. We offer the engineering, the procurement of funds and permits, and the installation of the systems. We also have pile driving machines for rent, as well as land for larger scale projects.

Enilso represents the mission and values of its people. These are summed up in a sense of conscience and a drive for innovation. We look to increase quality of life through technology. Part of our mission is to spread a culture of respect for our planet and future generations.

We are one of the Mexican firms with the largest growth in the solar industry in the country. We always offer the best quality in our products and services. We know that our success depends on our clients and suppliers that share the same vision as us. In brief, we are just part of a community that always seeks to be at the forefront to improve itself and its environment.