Environmental Impact

Every activity, including those necessary for our survival, requires energy: transporting from one place to another, getting food, warming up and cooling ourselves, etc... The problem is that world population is growing constantly and our conventional energy sources pollute our environment. Moreover, this sources are limited which can generate volatility in their prices.

The sun is a clean and virtually unlimited source of energy. When you install panels on your home or business, you help to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, you help to combat pollution and global warming. Besides, you free precious resources such as oil, carbon and water used in the electricity generation process so that they can be used for other purposes.


An average residential solar system saves 6.7 tons of CO2 every year. Equivalent to:

  • Removing a medium sized car off the streets for 10 months.
  • 200 trees cleaning the air for a year.
  • Planting 5 new trees.